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5 kitchen favorites for the chef who has "everything"

5 kitchen favorites for the chef who has "everything"

It’s hard to find a gift for that at-home chef that seems to have “everything.” They’re always adding the best new kitchen gadgets and gizmos to their cooking tool repertoire. Well, if you feel a little stumped looking for the perfect kitchen gadget for the foodie in your life, we’ve accumulated 5 kitchen products that they might not have in their collection.

Prep Solutions Collapsible 3 Quart Colander: This 100% platinum silicone colander works great for washing and straining fruits, vegetables, and pasta. It’s constructed with a sturdy rim with soft-grip handles and raised feet for fast water drainage. Plus, it collapses to 1 inch for compact storage.

Prepworks 4 Quart Collapsible Salad Spinner: A salad spinner is a typical kitchen gadget to have, but this is no ordinary spinner. Not only does it dry lettuce, greens, or other produce quickly, but this salad spinner also features a non-stick base, an easy-to-use handle, and a removable basket that doubles as a colander. It also collapses to ⅓ of its size for convenient storage.

Prepworks Tower Fry Cutter: Guests will wonder how you can attain perfectly cut French fries so fast! Cut a medium-sized potato in half and push down on the grid to get even fry slices. The pop-out pusher has a removable grid for easy cleaning, or you can throw it in the dishwasher too. The clear container holds the sliced produce for less mess and the non-skid base allows added stability.

Prep Solutions Safe-Prep Multi-Slicer: Feel confident using this safe and efficient multi-slicer for simple slices and julienne cuts. The spring-loaded pusher allows for quick use and the design folds for compact storage. 

Prepworks Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper: This specialized storage container comes in 2 size options, 2-cup and 4-cup capacity. It’s designed to keep your homemade guacamole fresh and prevent browning. It includes a sealing lid and removable base that, when evenly pushed down, creates an airtight seal, maintaining the freshness of the guac. The canister also works great to store other dips and salsas.

We hope these interesting and thoughtfully designed kitchen products will inspire your next gift to the at-home chef in your life, and surprise and delight anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen!

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