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Are mandoline slicers worth it? 4 ways to use one in the kitchen

Are mandoline slicers worth it? 4 ways to use one in the kitchen

Are mandoline slicers worth it? 4 ways to use one in the kitchen

If you’re hoping to save time in the kitchen or just want to avoid chopping, a mandoline slicer is an excellent, inexpensive tool to consider. It can even help those who are new in the kitchen and aren’t sure how to slice and dice consistently.

Before you pick one up, here are a few ways you can use your new mandoline slicer in your kitchen.

Slicing & Dicing Onions

Onions provide a great base for flavor in a wide variety of recipes. However, the tears that come with cutting them can make you want to avoid this tasty addition. With a mandoline slicer, you can get through cutting onions faster, so you’re less likely to experience those tears.

Potatoes Every Way

Another versatile ingredient is the beloved potato. Unfortunately, a raw potato can be a bit hard to chop if you don’t have a sharp knife. With a mandoline slicer, you have a few options for how you can prepare your potatoes. Whether you want fries, chips, diced potatoes, or thinly sliced, you can do it all with a mandoline.

Thin Slices

Some really tasty recipes require thin slices. Those can be tough for even an experienced home cook. When you factor in that those thin slices need to be consistently the same size, it can be a tedious process. A mandoline slicer makes that so much faster, easier, and more consistent.

Meal Prep

When life gets busy, it can be really helpful to have your vegetables chopped or some snacks ready to go. A mandoline can make quick work of all your meal prep. Just set aside a day once a week to get things organized. Don’t forget to use some SnapLock containers to make sure your meal prep stays fresh.

Get a Mandoline For Your Kitchen

If you’re ready to make mealtime easier, you’ll want to get a mandoline for yourself.

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