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The Best Prep Tools And Storage Solutions For Your Holiday Feasts

The Best Prep Tools And Storage Solutions For Your Holiday Feasts

Whether you’re hosting 15 people, five, or even just you and your partner—Thanksgiving prep, execution, and clean-up can be stressful across the board. It’s important to have the best prep tools, gadgets, and storage solutions to make your Thanksgiving delicious and stress-free! We interviewed professional organizer Chantell Dennis about her favorite Thanksgiving traditions, foods, strategies, and tips to make Thanksgiving day as easy as possible.

Dennis’s approach to Thanksgiving preparation is relaxed given her expertise in organization. However, she often doesn’t host but, for the dishes she brings, she shops a week before to ensure all the ingredients are in stock. If hosting is your thing, then planning might include creating a menu, recipe gathering, and grocery list a week or two before the big day.

Thinking about what tools are best for prep? Chantell said her favorite tool is a good, sharp knife.

“It’s my favorite cooking tool,” she said. “And it can make or break prep time.”


Kitchen gadgets and tools can set you up for success before and day-of—not only on Thanksgiving, but for all holiday entertaining, or dinner prep. Three few tools we can’t live without and will ensure efficient and thoughtful holiday preparation are:

  1. PL8 High-Speed Manual Mini Chopper: Perfect for effortless and mess-free chopping, this handy tool will take the effort and time out of chopping garlic, herbs, nuts and more.

  2. Prepworks Dial & Slice Chef’s Mandoline: With 4 slicing thicknesses and both thick and thin julienne options, this gadget will do all your slicing and dicing in record time. Perfect for carrots, onions, potatoes and tomatoes.

  3. Prepworks Dual Peeler: Nothing says holiday prep like peeling—whether it’s potatoes or carrots, this peeler has two types of stainless steel blades—a serrated blade designated for soft-skinned produce like tomatoes and a straight blade designated for hard-skinned produce such as potatoes.


    Thanksgiving leftovers and food storage are *almost* as important as the prep. Having appropriate containers that can not only store extra food, but retain the Thanksgiving flavors, and extend the dishes freshness is essential for packing up those leftovers—and can we all agree that leftovers are as good as the day-of feast? We’ve included a few of our favorite and recommended food storage containers that will be perfect to pack up those leftover favorites.

    1. The Deli ProKeeper Collection is ideal to use for Thanksgiving leftovers because of its universal airtight seal for extended freshness, storage versatility, and space-efficient design. The Split-Deli ProKeeper can store cheese and charcuterie leftovers, with the 7-cup capacity of the Tall Deli ProKeeper coming in handy for leftover turkey, and the Mini Deli ProKeeper will keep extra gravy or cranberry sauce until it’s needed.

    2. With a removable top and versatile storage options, SnapLock’s Pie & Entertainment Carrier doubles as a serving tray, and storage compartment, and can keep any leftovers from spoiling. Designed to fit a pie, this entertainment carrier holds and can store a variety of items used for holiday prep such as veggie trays, chilled appetizers, and of course—the essential pumpkin pie. Leftover pie? Pop the lid back on and store it in the fridge or freezer until it’s ready to be eaten again.

    3. The Snapback Bento Containers are the perfect “send guests home with leftovers” container set. With a variety of sizes and capacities, these leak-resistant and airtight containers snap securely for on-the-go storage. Set your guests up with a mini “plate” they can take with them and enjoy the next day.

    Thanksgiving prep, cooking, and clean up can be overwhelming, but with the right tools, gadgets, and storage solutions rest assured, the day will be as smooth as the mashed potatoes (hopefully). All in all, whether you’re hosting, helping, or just attending someone’s home, Thanksgiving reminds us that the true essence of the holiday lies in the togetherness and thankfulness that we share.

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