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Game Day Prep: Score Big with Progressive International Kitchen Gadgets

Game Day Prep: Score Big with Progressive International Kitchen Gadgets

No matter the season or the sport, game day gatherings are a vibe, but beyond the big screen and the fandom, the food and drinks are the real MVPs, and when the appetizers are on point—everyone wins!

We have the perfect lineup of kitchen gadgets that will make your game-day prep as smooth as a touchdown pass. Here’s how you can elevate your snack game:

Keep It Fresh with the Guacamole Keeper 🥑

We all know guacamole can be the star player at any gathering, but everyone loses when it turns brown before halftime. Enter the Guacamole ProKeeper. Designed to minimize air exposure and keep your guac as green as the football field. Plus it works great for salsas, dips, and spreads too! Prep in advance and pull it out of the fridge when guests arrive. Freshness guaranteed!

Patty Perfection with The Perfect Burger Press Set 🍔

Let's be real: burgers are as essential to game day as the players themselves. And making them should be hassle-free, consistent, and fun! The Prepworks Perfect Burger Press Set promises all three. Whether you're going for beef, turkey, or a veggie alternative, you get uniform, juicy patties every time. Plus, they cook evenly, ensuring a delectable burger bite with every mouthful.

Squeeze the Day with the Valencia EZ Juicer

No game day is complete without refreshing drinks, be it a zesty mocktail or a fresh cocktail. The Prepworks Valencia EZ Juicer makes juicing a breeze, so you can craft the perfect drink in no time. Freshly squeezed orange juice for mimosas, lemon for tangy punches, or lime for that killer guacamole – this juicer handles it all with ease.

Game days are all about good company, great fun, and delectable snacks. With Progressive International's lineup of kitchen gadgets, you're equipped to host the best game day gathering in the league. So gear up, get prepping, and at least the snacks will come out on top!

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