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5 fantastic ways to keep your produce fresh for longer

5 fantastic ways to keep your produce fresh for longer

5 fantastic ways to keep your produce fresh for longer

We all want to eat nourishing food, but we also need to save money. It can be difficult to keep fresh food in the house when it might go bad before you get to eat it. To make your grocery budget stretch, we’re sharing 5 ways you can keep your produce fresher for longer.

Store In the Right Spot

    One easy change you can make is to ensure that you’re storing your produce where it’s meant to be. For instance, tomatoes shouldn’t go in the fridge, but spinach should. That also means looking into whether your produce prefers a dry or moist storage area. Celery is great to store in a container with some water. Check out some of our storage options in the SnapLock collection for inspiration. The modular, stacking design means that you’re more likely to clearly see everything in your pantry and fridge, so you actually use it.

    Freeze What You Can

      Your freezer is a great tool for keeping produce fresh longer. If you make a delicious vegetable soup, you can freeze the leftovers in one of our PrepWorks Freezers Pods, or a fresh pesto sauce can be kept frozen for the next time you need it.

      Get an Herb Keeper

      Fresh herbs make a huge difference in the quality of your meals. But if you’re someone who is used to buying basil only to see half of the package fade in the fridge, you’ll want to consider keeping an Herb Keeper. It’s ideal for storing and preserving herbs' freshness for an extended period of time.

      Custom Produce Storage Solutions

        Another way you can extend the shelf life of your produce is to invest in storage that’s made specifically for those ingredients. Our Prepworks line has options for onions, garlic, guacamole, and more. They’re each designed with the unique needs of that produce in mind so that you’re not just putting everything in the same type of storage.

        Clean & Properly Store Berries

          Berries are delicate and can go bad quickly if you’re not careful. You’ll want a storage solution with proper airflow, like our flow-through Stay-Fresh vent system and reservoir base on our Berry ProKeeper.

          Fresher Produce For Longer

          Fresh produce just takes a little more effort and the right tools, but it can save you money and ensure you have the most nourishing food when you need it.

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