Prepworks Snap Fit Measuring Spoons

The narrow ends of our Snap Fit Measuring Spoons fit perfectly into most spice jars, while the round ends precisely measure liquids. The flat base of each spoons allows them to rest on countertops without spilling any contents. The five piece set snaps together for convenient, organized storage. 

  • Set includes: ¼ tsp (1.25 ml), ½ tsp (2.5 ml), 1 tsp (5 ml), ½ Tbsp (7.5 ml) and 1 Tbsp (15 ml)
  • Use narrow spoons for reaching into most spice jars; round spoons for liquid
  • Snap fit together for storage
  • Easy to read standard and metric measurements

ABS and Stainless Steel

Item #BA-520